Greg – Washington, IL

We had Lawns R Us out to our house to remove a sugar bush that had grown too large to handle and was starting to take over the rest of the landscaping. Dave and his crew came out while I was at work and took care of it. Not only was it gone when I returned home from work, but there was not trace it had ever been there. They took the extra steps of leveling out the ground, and cleaning up around the area. They did a wonderful job, and are highly recommended!

Greg Washington, IL June 30, 2017

Mike – Edwards, IL

Lawns r Us has been a reliable source for our landscaping cleanup and for special projects! They have helped us with spring cleanups, gutter cleaning and trenched gutter hoses away from one of our properties and built up dirt along the foundation to stop water getting into the basement. Most recently they assisted in preparing a home to be sold on the market. They are very dependable and their work is “First Class!” I would recommend them to anyone!!!!!!!

Mike Edwards, IL June 30, 2017

Chuck Gabbert – Owner & President, CT Gabbert Remodeling & Construction

Lawns R Us stepped in and did our mowing and lawn maintenance for us at home when my wife had an ankle stress fracture. They aerated the yard and trimmed the bushes as well. It looks so great and freed up some of our time and now we are hooked. Thanks Lawns R Us.

Chuck Gabbert June 30, 2017

Dennis Higdon – Co-Owner, Mid-Illinois Companies

I have utilized Lawns R Us at home as well as at our business. They do a fantastic job of keeping our parking lot and sidewalk snow free every winter. They’ve aerated and power raked my yard and delivered mulch for my planting areas at home as well. I know I can always count on them to deliver their services and products in a timely manner and the quality is consistently great!

Dennis Higdon June 30, 2017

Mark Friedrich – Insurance Agent, Washington, IL

I have used Lawns R Us for the past 4 years from cutting the grass, trimming the bushes, dethatching the lawn and most recently removing 2 large bushes. They have showed up on time every time and have done a great job. All of their employees have been very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend the services they provide knowing it will be done right.

Mark Friedrich Washington, IL June 30, 2017

Jeff Ensinger – BNI Executive Director

Dave has been in BNI for about 15 years and we’ve watched him and his family grow up right in front of us. I have had Dave and Family at my house UMPTEEN TIMES for various projects. He has taken away old fence pieces and removed the old wood when I tore down my deck but one of my favorite things he does is mow my lawn while we’re on vacation. I do enjoy mowing my own lawn but the VERY LAST THING I want to do is mow my lawn after I get done traveling. OR it looking like the house is Vacant. Thank you David.

Jeff Ensinger June 30, 2017

Andrew Cohen – East Peoria, IL

Lawns R Us, They came out and aerated my yard. I fully trusted them to complete the job and to be on my property while I was not at home! The customer service Dave and his team does is over and beyond the experience I could have asked for even though it was a routine job for them!

Andrew Cohen East Peoria, IL June 30, 2017

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