Our Story

Lawns R Us Family

About Us

Located in Mapleton, Illinois, Lawns R Us is a family-owned and operated business founded in March 1995. We specialize in mowing and landscape maintenance.

Our Story

What started as a way to supplement our income quickly became our family’s passion. In 1995, I (Dave) was working at Caterpillar, Inc. making a decent income with good benefits. However, my wife, Marcia and I, had a dream of being debt free. We decided that mowing 10 lawns weekly would help achieve this goal. We started out with a couple used push mowers and our family’s full-size conversion van. We would take our five kids when mowing and they would help pick up debris. By the end of the first spring season, we were taking care of 35 mowing accounts on a regular basis. By 2001, I was able to quit working for Caterpillar. Today, two of our kids still work for us and we still service some of our original customers, over 20 years later. We are thankful for our family and customers that continue to help support us in our business which has really turned into our passion.

Our Mission & Motto

The mission of Lawns R Us is to provide quality lawn care services for Central Illinois residents. Our motto is “Pruning the earth for the GLORY of God.”

Our Values

Lawns R Us values family, hard work, quality customer service and well-manicured lawns.